Be The Change…

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Quite a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi and up until today, I thought was slightly cliche and played out. Ya’ll, I flew in the (wayyyy) BACK of the bus today on American from DFW to Lexington for work, and sitting in my row, were some AMAZING, inspirational people!!! I tend to politely make very little small talk at the beginning of airline trips, doing what I can to avoid being asked what my profession is in hopes to escape the “oohs” and “ahhs” and usual pilot questions. But on this flight, a very kind gentleman sat next to me and sparked the convo: “Coming or going?” he asked. “Headed to work” I replied. And his next question started it all; “what kind of job do you have to have, that requires you to FLY to work?” well, giggling, I had to tell him what I do… kinda need airplanes to do my job haha! and then, an almost two hour, wonderful meeting of the minds occurred.

Dr. Mikey

Enter scene one: Dr. Mikey!!! A very kind young gentleman from California on his way to visit family. The fact that he practices family medicine and has quite the eye in his photography hobby, isn’t what impressed me… it was his love for PEOPLE. He gushed about his wife as we shared first-meeting and engagement stories. We talked about how people just want to know they’re not alone in the world and its OK to be a messy person. He emphasized his calling and yearning to not only care for families medicinally, but on a deeper and more personal level. He encouraged this very blog on top of women empowerment and soooo much more. From God, to health, to supporting young minds, the dialogue was endless. You neeeeeeed his photos in your life! They completely absorb you! (find him on instagram in the link under his photo and enjoy!! The featured photo is also his work)

Enter Scene two: a fabulous gentleman sitting across the aisle from us named Stephen; Founder of SAWA.

[SAWA {adverb}- a Kiswahili term heard in daily conversation throughout Eastern Africa, translates to “all good”, “ok” or “no worries”. To spread the “sawa” life— the good life—is to share in the celebration of Kenya’s culture, empowering women through employment opportunities and ensuring a life of prosperity. SAWA products are made and delivered with love! Meet the SAWA artisans who are beading life into your everyday electronics.]


This philanthropic powerhouse was headed to negotiate sales for his companys’ materials. We all quickly jumped on instagram (check out his IG link in the photos’ caption) to see his page and products. I am TOTALLY in support for this company and cannot wait to get my lanyard!

As we all continued to kill time and and let the stories of inspiration and passion flow, everyone around us listened in and smiled. The support from these guys for me, for my webpage, for everything I want to share, do, see, be, experience, learn, meet… for the people I yearn to comfort with my stories… for the companies I so deeply want to succeed and change the world… it hit me; This prime example of truly being the change you wish to see in the world washed over me. In a world full of “fake news” and “social media glorification” there were two hard working, real, messy, honest people in my everyday life that, given an ear, opened my eyes to the good we all so desperately need every day.

Pick your head up people. I Challenge you to just start a convo with a stranger. Get your nose out of your electronics and connect with someone. I can 100% promise you, something will change in you. You may save a life by listening, or learn a new interest, or become so filled with inspiration you sprint to your hotel room and start sharing their story (oh wait… thats just me). A simple two hour commute on an airplane (that I was actually dreading all morning) just gave me enough strength to push on in my busy schedule with a smile knowing THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD… you only need to take the time to listen and you will find them.

*** this story is a perfect example of how I collect my copilots. Its you. thank you.***

Who has been a surprising character thats changed the way you see your life? ,

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