Mile High  book club

Links to all of my favorite and recommended books for personal growth, aviation and entertainment.

Whiskey in a Teacup

Reese Witherspoons collection about growing up in the south. Seriously the BEST recipes! *recommend hard cover.

Goodbye Glamour Gals

A novel about women pilots in WWII (A Jackie Cochran story). Read this one during my first flying job. Got me so hyped!

Girl, Stop Apologizing

A shame free plan for embracing and achieving your goals. Read this gem 4 times in preparation for writing CC.

Scrappy Little Nobody

A memoir by Anna Kendrick. *Recommend this one in Audio version! She's the reader and its so cute to hear it in her voice.

The Road Back to You 

A Christian application on learning about Enneagrams. This one helped me understand my personality better.

The Art of Grace

A look at many famous people and learning how to move well through life. This is a long book but makes you very self-aware.

Air Disasters & Near Misses

Around 30,000 flights arrive safely every day. But a handful don't. Best way to learn what NOT to do while flying.


The evolution of aviation. YAY for picture books!

Of Mess and Moxie

Mox-ie [mok-see], noun informal: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. If you feel like youre getting kicked while you're down, get back up with this gem!

Battlefield of the Mind

How to arm yourself for spiritual warfare.

*This book changed my life in 2008. 

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck

Very sarcastic, very real, look at your own life and how to make it a better one. 

High Calling 

The courageous life and faith of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband.

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