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Lindsay and I go back to some crazy fun college years. Sizing each other up in the bar scene of our collegiate jobs, I quickly discovered this vivacious spirit was wicked smart and absolutely going places! As we built our tribe around us (see my story on the blondetaurage), Lindsay and I quickly realized our lives paralleled quite nicely. Graduation turned into career moves, marriages and puppy adoptions rolled into building houses and sweet families. Even though we are worlds apart, we still make it a weekly mantra to FaceTime and catch up. Our conversations are insanely special because they are rarely typical phone dates. The last call we shared was chocked full of information and brainstorming about Search Engine Optimization, algorithms and organizational apps for our newly developed companies. We don't mess around man! When motivation strikes, we get stuff done yesterday! 


Lindsay's continued creativity for everyone and everything around her is quite infectious. She really pushed me to start Collecting Copilot's, and her creative nature shines through whenever you are around her! She really got the ball rolling with my yoga practices after hosting a yoga retreat in her back yard. She also, so lovingly created these amazing meditation necklaces by hand for our girls' trip to Sedona. Nevermind the fact that she never forgets a birthday or a holiday all while juggling a full time job in Michigan, caring for her amazing husband AND her newest addition. 

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Among her many talents, I want to share with you Lindsays latest and newly launched endeavor; LaStoria Marketing is the prettiest website I have laid my eyes on. This beautiful creative monster designed and printed my wedding invitations, and she's even responsible for the logo on the top of this page! Lindsay is currently working with clientele nationwide creating unique and authentic logos, designing and printing invitations, menus, programs, place cards, banners, thank cards and so much more. If prints aren't enough, she designs websites! She is a huge inspiration and my go-to guru for Collecting Copilots. 

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Lindsay's top-Marketing tips

- Always remember CCC........Conversation Creates Curiosity.  Where ever you go create opportunity for conversation with others; eventually it will lead to effective networking! 


-Take advantage FREE social media marketing.....consistency is KEY, keep at it until you gain momentum! 


-Don't deliver just a product or service, deliver an experience. 


- Discover your WHY.... in both business and personal.  Once you figure this out your marketing direction should become pretty clear! 


-Create Partnerships!  What is the peanut butter to your jelly? You have shared audiences with others... find them and collaborate how you can help each other out! 


-For heavens sake, ALWAYS have business cards on you and pass them out like candy! Make them stand out and they won't get tossed! :) 


-Event Tip... even weddings can be "branded" like a business and it will leave your guests with a lasting impression!  Start implanting that "wedding logo" on EVERYTHING... from the very first save the date that goes out down to the matching return address stamp on your thank you cards! 

Lindsay's favorite Marketing APPS

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[Organized Notes]

[Graphic Design at your fingertips]

[Plan ahead social media]

[website design]

Lindsay's favorite Marketing Tools

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For personalized stationary, cards, notepads, etc. here is US based Stationary Xpress!  


Use code SUMMER20 FOR A 20% off coupon!

Lindsay's entire collection of desk organizing tools can me found at the Container Store

Lindsay's Martha Stewart "Carry All" binder


Crazy fun Side-Stories of our Adventures


You will not believe this story... I actually flew a private jet to Michigan from Texas to pick Lindsay and her bridesmaids up and privately escort them via airways to her bachelorette party in Chicago! Thats coming a long way from Lindsay remotely ordering and getting a pizza delivered to my hotel room states away when I was super homesick on the road doing aerial survey back in the day. This is a pretty powerful friendship! 

Oh, and then there was that time we got stuck in a hurricane during a Florida wedding and I rescued us on another private jet that needed to be relocated away from the storm. I really can't make this up 

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A Note To My Marketing Guru

As if paralleling lives aren't enough, your spirit, motivation and support mean the absolute world to me. I am beyond proud that we can push each other to the next levels of our careers and in life. You were there for me from the beginning of my life as a pilot. You made me feel the most un-alone as possible during my very lonely travels doing aerial survey. I will never forget that pizza that you got delivered to my hotel  room, states away, when I was having a hard time. I will never forget the hand decorated scarf that chased me around the country for Christmas that bitter year. I will never forget the honor you gave me by being your bridesmaid or the pleasant reciprocation being in my wedding. From the invasions you created to the countless logo's you have made me, a simple thank you will never be enough. Even in the harder parts of life, I am so proud of you pushing through obstacles and I am the MOST proud of you never giving up on Elle. That was the most difficult thing for me as a friend to fight side by side with you for. You are a warrior on so many levels. I promise to continue to be your biggest cheerleader and toughest critic with LaStoria Marketing! I also CANNOT wait for our next adventure together!!! Congratulations on your newly launched endeavor.

- Love always,


See where Lindsay and I have been together! 


Santa Rosa beach Fl.


Sedona Az.


Detroit Mi.


Traverse City Mi.


Chicago Il


Boca Raton Fl.


Dallas Tx.