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"There Aint no party like a Detroit Party cuz a Detroit party don’t stop!"… or something of the sorts, so nobly stated by none other than Kid Rock. Im so excited to share with you my HOME CITY! I grew up just south of this urban jungle of beautiful chaos. I am whats known as a “ Downriver-Rat”. Look it up if you dare. There's SO much to do in this fantastic town. Just a 30 minute drive and you are in a different country, or driving through farmland, or on an island, or have passed through 5 different cities already, or in a different state! Its so perfectly located. My grandfather was part of the rich history of the Motown complete with the craziest stories of bootlegging in tunnels and sneaking to various islands in the middle of the night to gamble! Oh the scandal! Even though I frequent Michigan for family purposes, I was excited to focus on just the heart of Detroit on this trip to celebrate a beautiful marriage of my copilot Amanda and her amazing hubby John. Complete with a black-tie wedding under the stars, my beau and I danced the night away on rooftops, stuffed our faces with all the middle-eastern food we could find, and took a short road trip to Cedar Point! (Americas rockin roller coast).


Best time 

to visit

The best time to visit Detroit is between May and September. Weather is always comfortable but be wary that being so close to the great lakes, lurks a 10 degree drop in temperature so its always wise to carry a jacket in this town. May and June are generally comfortable, July and august can get a pretty gnarly heat index due to the humidity in the air. 

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How to

get there

Easy! DTW is a pretty big hub and houses all the airlines you could imagine! Its only (you guessed it) 30 minutes from Downtown Detroit and Ubers are a dime a dozen there. If you want a personal driver though, check out this company my adopted dad works as! First class service all the way. Theres also bus options all over the metro Detroit area. 


Road tripping? Easy!!! All of the major freeways feed right into Downtown Detroit. Watch yourself with construction though, I will admit the roads are pretty tore up from the cold temperatures and harsh salt they use in the winter. Mind the potholes! 

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Where to 


While airbnbs are my usual go-to, I tend to be attracted to the infamous Renniassance Center which houses a gorgeous and very unique Marriott property. Due to the design of the building, the rooms are semi circular. The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is ideally located on the RiverWalk and the 70-floor hotel is just steps from the Cobo Center. I love to gaze out on downtown Detroit, the river and Canada through floor-to-ceiling windows creates a spacious feel.

BUDGET TIP: stick closer to the beginning of spring and beginning on fall for amazing rates at the property. 

BEWARE: If there's a convention going on during the time you wish to visit, prices triple in this area. 



to do

What NOT to do? 

Sport fanatics book your tickets! Detroit is the ONLY city in the world that you can see football, baseball, basket ball and hockey within a 5 mile radius. 

- Detroit Tigers

- Detroit Lions

- Detroit Pistons 

- Detroit Red Wings

-Detroit Zoo 


- Visit Campus Martias

-Walk the Detroit River Front 

-Visit the vehicles on display on the bottom floor of the Renaissance Center 

-Belle Isle Aquarium 

-Detroit Institute of the Arts


top personally recommended bars & night clubs you must visit:

- Delux Flux: black light and insane art live in this basement bar

- Standby: top notch speakeasy off a sneaky beaten path that serves top notch custom bevvys

- The Monarch Club: you want a view and a very high-end cocktail? make your way to the penthouse at the Metropolitan building. Check the dress code or they won't let you in! 


to eat

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Detroit's Restaurant Bucket List

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6 Best Dessert Spots in Detroit

Shop my Favorite Detroit brands

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Meet the Copilot

Logo's and prints and websites OH-MY! My latest Michigan copilot is a creative genius! Whatever project you may be working on, SHE can take it to the next level. 

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At the end of this amazing trip, my very first best friend reunited with me. As I was closing one wedding day chapter, she asked me to be in next years wedding so I opened another! Detroit, get ready, I am coming back! You never really leave your roots behind, its only natural that you yearn to return to where you came from. This fast paced, vibrant and eclectic melting pot of a city runs in my veins. I hope you get to experience this colorful destination with your own heart. 

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