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Time Management

I recently had the honor of chatting with "The Traffic Pattern" podcast host Derek, and the topic of discussion was Time Management. You're welcome to listen here. How in the heck do I find time to work out, eat right, spend time with my family, read two books a monthmanage and write for a website, AND be gone a majority of the time flying all over the world? 

This is a really good question and I know all sorts of travelers wish to have the secret. THERE IS NO SECRET! while there is no book or typical daily regiment to abide by, its Trial and error to tailor your own life. It all starts with your foundation...



God first! Wake up every morning and reflect, meditate pray and give thanks. Its so imperative to reflect on your core values when you wake up and go to bed. once you establish your purpose, and drive it in daily, you begin to LIVE that purpose out. Start with 5 minutes. Heck, most of us hit our alarms to snooze for 5 minutes, its so easy to just put your mind to 

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beige palate.jpg


This should be common knowledge, but you can tailor the "count down packing method listed below" to the climate you are traveling to; no need for 2 bikinis on a ski trip but 2 sweaters would definitely come in handy! 



* example shown above is for a one week trip


When talking about packing a "color", You pretty much get two options: brown or black. If I am traveling for black tie, I stick with blacks (i.e. black shoes, black belt, black sunnies and silver jewelry) and mix in my whites with pop's of color. If I am traveling out west or going adventuring, I stick with my browns (i.e. brown boots, brown belt, gold jewelry and gold sunnies) then with this palate I can wear my animal prints, beiges, tans, and more earth-tone colors to mix in.

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Meet my FASHION STYLIST JEANNE! want to know how strategically pair my outfits when I pack? or where I get my amazing and unique pieces? my personal Cabi clothing collection of course! I have to brag though, this fashionista is doing more than dressing women, she creates job opportunities around the world!    

Fashion stylist

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