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Jackie Woodfin



I am honored to introduce out-of-this-world Lifestyle Coach, Jackie Woodfin. Jackie so graciously flew with me on a trip to Colorado Springs where we hiked, threw clay pottery, shopped, shared, laughed and cried. A simple phone call to discuss video recording tips, turned into a copilot I knew I needed to share with you!!! 

I don’t even know where to begin with this powerhouse of life! For starters she is the reason for this months – Mile High [Book] club pick – she taught me all about enneagrams, (I read the dang thing in 5 days!). Jackie is an AMAZING wife, fabulous mom of five and a diligent entrepreneur. If Im not actively following her daily news feeds every morning to keep my own day-to-day routine in check, Im browsing through her webpage Jackies Favorites for my next make-up selection. I have looked up to her and confided in her for everything from health and wellness while traveling (I mean, if you want direct  access to a high-time beach body coach, message her ASAP), to encouraging me to launch the social media for this very webpage. She finally put it to me this way; IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN? 

Its Her latest idea however that captured my heart: Jackie just recently launched Minds Her Business LLC. This endeavor is a community of women pursuing God’s Word and His direction for business and personal life. I encourage you to join me with Jackie minding our business while we mind His!  

I couldn’t be happier to share this copilot with you! She is a wealth of life and inspiration!! Thank you sweet friend, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a strong role-model to me and SO MANY other women!





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