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How to keep Warm during winter operations

Meet guest writer, Alaskan Pilot Liz Davidson and learn her top 10 go-to's on how to keep warm during those frigid winter operations.


Aviator Mercantile Post

These curated, one of a kind collections of products and solutions have been hand picked by aviators to fit your distinguished lifestyle. For 25% off use my special code "AUBZ" 

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An Original Aviation Podcast

Listen to Episode _ where Derek interviews Aubrey on Time Management, pertaining to lack of scheduling in aviation and the never ending battle for a healthy lifestyle in the process.


5 Unique Ways to Build Flight Time

So you got your commercial pilot rating and flight instructing just isn't your thing... here are 5 unique ways to build flight time!

Pilots Guide to Travel Etiquette

Want to know how to go far in the professional traveling world? Heres your go-to guide on trip etiquette and pro-tips for tipping the pro's

Pro Pilot Podcast

Listen to episode 13 where Max and Dylan interview me about Women in aviation! 

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Are pilots strong enough to do their job?

Boeing's 737 MAX-8 concern: Pilots physical strength. 

A review on a WSJ article. 

The InstaPilot:

photos in the cockpit 

The "instapilot" is an internet hot commodity. How to legally and safely snap those shots from the flight deck. 


Here's how to check if your MacBook is part of the FAA ban.

Connection Hub

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Aviation Wellness Community

Meet founder Christina & Join this closed facebook group for the latest information and support to keep your health in check while you travel. 

Pro Pilot World 

Join this newly cleaned up -Politic free- Aviation forum. Lots of job postings, training information, and endless networking.

21.FIVE Podcast

Meet my friends Dylan & Max! They are making waves with some super helpful knowledge in our world of Aviation! 

Head in the clouds blog