Enter soul-sister numbers 3 and 4; While I brought Amanda to the table, Lindsay suprised me with Leeha! Amanda and I cheered together at EMU and I fell in love with her amazing heart, kindness for humanity and her incredibly old soul. Amanda not only works with individuals as a wellness coach, but shes always my light when it comes to tough God-talks. I knew Leeha through mutual friends but when I learned that Lindsay was close with her, I made it my mission to study and learn from Leeha's HUGE love for life, nature and all things that belong to the Sea! Leeha is our quiet one however, when you get her to open up, she is a fountain of holistic knowledge eager to learn and share about all the energies our Earth has to offer. Don't let her quietness fool you though, this girl can dress to the nines and show you the BEST time. I think all of us model a little of our style after Leeha. She always the best dressed for sure! 

In light of the final member of our tribe getting married this month (congrats to Amanda!), its only appropriate to share with you, a quite stellar group of women with whom I have the utmost privilege of traveling with every single year. We met in a collegiate web of wild jobs, cheer squads, and Michigan lake-life cliques. In no particular order, 5 dominating Alpha females found an insatiable amount of support in each other as we hand-picked one another to walk through life with. From my view point, our friendships began with Lindsay and I sizing each other up as "Drink Specialists" at our local lake hang out. To each other, we were "just another blonde trying to get our hands on the others' tip-money" but when we took the time to actually get to know one another, turns out we were both completing degrees at Eastern Michigan University and too smart for our hair color. One off-the-clock hang out turned into many and soon we found our lives paralleling at every turn. From graduation to major job changes, and wedding engagements to our health, we never leave the other out of the loop and we are always growing through each others' experiences together. Lindsays insanely smart business ethic along side her overly-creative marketing techniques makes this woman a powerhouse entrepreneur in her field. She's even the one to thank for the amazing Collecting Copilots logo. 


Our final Addition to the group came not a moment too soon! My work hard, love hard, loudy friend Natasha! I so graciously appreciate her raw nature. Natasha is not shy when it comes to honesty and being a go-getter. When she wants something, she pushes the limits to get it. But when YOU need something, she will put on the brakes and be the first phone-call, first visit, first thank-you note and first to follow through, just so you know she is there for you and drives home the feeling that - you are never alone with her by your side -. 

You cant choose your blood family, but you CAN choose your tribe. The 5 of us started out 11 years ago and finalized this clique 5 years ago. Just as soon as the friendships started, we all moved away from each other. At one point, we separately lived in Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas. We battled through break-ups, make-ups, job loss, parental loss, countless moves, and all the curveballs life throws at you. Its incredibly important to me, that you understand just how special this collective group is in my life. You will be seeing more of them throughout this collection and you will soon learn about them on an individual basis. They have SO MUCH to offer the world and deserve to be highlighted and celebrated. They are a huge reason Collecting Copilots even exists. They have all believed in me when I couldn't even handle my job at one point. 

A Note To My blondetaurage

I would not be the woman, pilot, wife or friend I am today, with out each of you individually supporting me, and all of you collectively lifting me up and pushing me to my max potential. This website exists because of you. My new found health and wellness bloomed out of detrimental ashes because of you. My marriage and home-life has been preserved and cared for because of you. The courage I have to fly planes everyday stays strong because of you. In the midst of 1700 miles apart, 5 weddings, 5 fur-children, 2 babies, and an infinite number life-circumstances continuously popping up, we have always found the time, finances and means to put the world on hold and come together each year. (Blonde hair, breast milk and all) We have put God first, family second and always each other third. I will ALWAYS be spiritually indebted to you ladies. Thank you for making me, well, ME.  

- Love always,


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