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HI! Im Aubrey! I am an Air Transport Pilot

that travels the world solo for both work and play. I am also a married homeowner with an amazing Husband and two fur babies with a business I run from home. Being among the 6% of professional female pilots, balancing a wild career abroad and maintaining a harmonious home-life and healthy lifestyle, has not been an easy feat. It has taken BOLD courage, the support & shared wisdom from people I have met through my travels (my copilots), and stumbling across my most favorite companies and products (my collection), to live my BEST life!


As a Michigan native, I knew at the age of four that I wanted to fly. In fact, I wanted to be an Astronaut. The more my peers giggled at my audacious dreams, the harder I worked to make my dream of defying gravity a reality. While I am not a space-walker (yet), I AM however, a graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors in AvIation Flight Technology. My first flying job out of college was quite a unique one. While most pilots build their flight hours by instructing student pilots, I traveled to upstate New York and began my extensive career flying a Cessna 172 for an aerial survey company. Every two weeks they relocated us across the states to a different city to take aerial photos. It wasn't until my tiny red rocket broke down in East Texas, that my life changed without warning. After my tour with this New York company ended,  I found myself packing what little I had, with all the blessings from my Michigan roots, and moved to this curious town, leaving behind America's high-five for the Lone-Star state.  

Immediately, I went to work filling some big flight decks. I transitioned from a Cessna single-engine airplane to Second In Command of a Citation Jet. I definitely bit off more than I could mentally chew but God still had a hand over me, placing me with the right peers. When I wasn't working diligently to prove myself within the "boys club",  I was falling in love with an East Texas Man. Determined to start my business, establish new roots and become "my own", the last thing I was looking for was a "distraction".


As our family began to grow, so did my aviation company. AubreyAIre LLC was up to over 32 clients and 7 planes of various types. as the industry slowly changed, my schedule and time away from home got out of hand. Work slowly became unhealthy, and so did my obsession with pleasing everyone. I gained weight, became depressed, hardly slept, and stopped enjoying my destinations. I always said that if my job became "work", that I would quit. And I was about to, until my very strong support system of friends and family intervened and demanded better of me. At the end of 2018 I learned the word "NO" and started making massive changes in my life. I slowly gave away clients to the proper aircraft managers and crew, that could give them the attention they deserved. I began declining the really hard "3am arrive, 9pm depart in broken airplanes" type of trips and accepting only those job offers that I would not only enjoy, but also be able to give them my undivided and healthy attention. 

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This distraction ended up being my biggest supporter, my very best friend, and in 2015, my life-long copilot and beloved Husband. Blaine has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to my chaotic schedule, endless hours of ground work and flight prep and my insatiable love of "impulsive moves". He even supported my desperate notion to adopt two AMAZING puppies! We found Behr on our Honeymoon and Koda is our newest addition to the family as an adoption from our local shelter. The two travel with us and love to hike and play. They really are our children. and we couldn't be happier with just the four of us, along with our adventures.

With this dramatic change in schedule, I found myself making healthier decisions all around. I had TIME. I had time to focus on QUALITY flying and aircraft management, and  time to spend with my husband and pups, which healed my heart to work on well-being. I started back to bootcamp which quickly rubbed off on Blaine and we started cooking on nights I was home. As we both began feeling better, the craving of this refreshing feeling grew and I started meal prepping for flights. Work outs became habitual and transferred to an extracurricular at the places I stayed away from home. Books slowly took place of binge-watching, and mindless social media scrolling turned into daily meditating with God. My smile became infectious and with this, the next challenge arose...



A dream to share the world with everyone came to fruition. My deepest desire for the people I love, to experience what this amazing planet has to offer was turned into a goal. I sat on this notion for two years, that one day, when all the stars and planets aligned, I would figure out a way to bring people together, share my adventures, spiritually encourage others, and challenge myself to go to limits that one couldn't even dream of. Collecting Copilots was named last year (2018) and this year, June 21, 2019 (the first day of summer), I present to you the best gift I know how to give to the world. My life-experiences laid out for you. And don't get me started on the people! YOU! the amazing, life-altering copilots I stumble upon are changing the world! Your stories deserve to be shared and you deserve to be celebrated. 

My mission for Collecting Copilots is to provide a platform for traveling entrepreneurs to share their story and grow their cause. You will also find real and attainable travel goals and information from both a passenger and aviation-professional standpoint. 

If your dreams don't scare you my friends, then they are not big enough!!



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