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My plane broke down in Denver in the middle of summer! Aside from the aircraft maintenance headaches, my absolute HERO's from Textron Aviation came to my rescue! Thank goodness for an easy fix. It was not a bad spot to be marooned in. I had only 5 days to pack in the richest and best things Denver has to offer. I'm going to skip the mumbo-jumbo of "how to get there" and "where to stay" and get to the heart of what to do and what to eat! I stumbled upon the most perfect local spots! Its a nice mix of the "tourist attractions" and the hidden gems of this amazing area...



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Visit Downtown  

& Union Station

Since the first half of this day was spent flying to this awesome location, the second half was immediately spent (changing out of my uniform in the car ha!) and hitting up the heart of downtown Denver at Union Station! The second I hit the street, a pop-up boutique called Electric Dream called my name! How bazaar and so creative! The sweet boutique manager recommended Stoic & Genuine for a well deserved seafood lunch after my mini street shopping adventure. The vibe of this city within the first 15 minutes was truly "ELECTRIC". A fabulous seafood lunch on Stoics patio, turned into some salted chocolate ice cream from Milkbox Ice Creamery and a joyful walk through Union Station. You MUST stop by the Mercantile (another recommended place to eat although I have not personally tried here). The shops, flowers, decor, trains, people!!! OH-MY! I just loved the vibes of Union Station! Still eager to explore the city, I walked the streets down to the 16th Street Mall. While there were lots more people watching and fun stores to pop in and out of, it was not exactly my favorite outdoor mall to visit and I was getting tired so I retreated to rest my bones. 



Drive to the  

top of a Summit

Obvi the first think you see when you arrive in Denver are the mountains!!! A local recommended to take a drive to the Summit of Mount Evans. Its the highest paved road up a mountain. The drive from Denver was gorgeous. It took almost 2 hours but not a single turn wasn't chocked full of wildlife and changing scenery. It did cost $15 to enter the park but it was worth every penny. Now, the drive closer to the top gets mighty scary with some thin roads so I was perfectly fine beebopping along at my own pace. once you get past the gorgeous tree line, some high up lakes are gorgeous rest stops and beware of the... GOATS! they will beg at your car window for food and knock you down if you aren't careful! The car stalled at the top! not enough oxygen for the engine I suppose but I was lucky to get it started again. This summit is 14,130 ft high and officially the highest I have ever been (with my feet on the ground of course). A nice brisk hike in the cooler temperatures was just what I needed. The drive back down went much quicker and I was happy to stop in the quaint mining town of Idaho Springs for dinner and some window shopping. You MUST eat at Beau Jo's on their patio. Its dreamy! And whatever pizza you get, make sure you eat their mile high crust with HONEY! (Thats their thing). 



Concert at  

Red Rocks Amphitheater

I woke up on a mission to find some amazing breakfast and a Gamblers hat (a wardrobe bucket list item I have been searching for)! After checking on my airplane and making sure the mechanics were doing a proper job (still my heroes), I found, truly my most favorite boutique I have ever been to! Alice at Inspyre Boutique in Tennyson welcomed me with open arms! This place prides theirselves on not having anything in the store over $100 and the quality of their collection simply amazed me. Immediately, the hat I have been searching for, for quite a few months now, called my name sitting on top of a beautifully decorated showcase. I lost my fashion-loving mind! (and my paycheck) in this eclectic boutique. Alice had some amazing mixed music bumping, and I just started grabbing things to try on. I genuinely enjoyed my shopping experience here. Inspyre is a MUST on your shopping stops in Denver. Tennyson is a pretty awesome area to walk about. Alice recommended a few places to eat, magnificently just down the street. I chose The Denver Biscuit Company. HOLY SMOKES! I told the waitress to surprise me and I indulged in the best biscuit and gravy breakfast sandwich I ever had! The morning was bliss! Fixed plane, concert outfit in hand, full tummy = HAPPY TRAVELER! 

What a better way to kickstart the afternoon before a concert than to take my new threads to New Terrain Brewery just 20 minutes away from the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Pregaming and socializing is always enjoyable before you absorb some serious ear candy. My ears were blessed by some wondrous classical versions of modern songs produced and played by none other than The Piano Guys. My soul was full after this evening! 

You haven't heard or seen a concert until you have experienced Red Rocks. I promise you, its unlike anything you have ever dreamed of!



Visit Wings Over the Rockies   

 Air & Space Museum

What you didn't think I wouldn't fit in my first love? Wings over the Rockies definitely dazzles the Aviatrix dreamer in me. there's over 182,000 square feet of hangar space chocked full of iconic aircraft, space vehicles, artifacts and flight simulators. Oh the thrills of flight. Be still my heart! After getting lost a few hours here I was on a mission for some of the best coffee a girl could find. Off to the Steam Espresso bar I go! 

What a better way to end the final full day in Denver than to meet up with a CC fan and a young aspiring pilot for dinner! We attempted to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery but the weather had other plans for us. It just excites me to know that more women are conquering the male-dominated field of aviation. I was super honored to learn of her story and share my own as well! 



VooDoo Doughnuts

  & Jet

After a week of exploring and adventuring in Denver, all my soul needed was a box of my favorite Voodoo Doughnuts on the way to get my plane ready and jet-set home! This unique Doughnut chain can be found in some major cities across the states. I think I like it so much because my husband raved about them forever and we finally got to share some together in Houston and Denver

Shop my Concert outfit!


Meet the Copilot

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Meet my Denver gal-pal and aspiring pilot Kelsey! I was so honored to meet a cc fan in person and last months giveaway winner.This go-getter is currently training and molding pilots all over denver! congrats to her latest accomplishment becoming a multi-engine instructor! think you got what it takes to fly? book a discovery flight with her today! 

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